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Ghana: Children’s Act goes for amendment

The Children’s Act of Ghana (Act 560) is currently undergoing amendment in Parliament as the country prepares to tighten noose on foster-care and adoptions in order to meet international standards. The amendments became necessary following observations of weaknesses in the alternative care management system in Ghana, particularly, with regards to

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Making them Smile in Confidence

First, we went to the facility where the Children raided off the Street by the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection were kept. We gave them some rice and Clothes in addition to toothbrus hes and paste in addition we gave them lessons on how to use it. Thereafter,

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Sad story of pretty little Village girl

We went there unexpected to see what the situation is like and presented them with some Uniforms..We saw the need for more support and decided to take new measurements to make more school Uniforms for these less fortunate children. Sad story of pretty little Village girl whose single mother was

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