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Up close with a Brilliant Visually Impaired Young Man who needs our Help

So With my reliable team of friends we brought a new definition of how Holy a Thursday could be to the family of Alfred, the 25 year young man whose dream to attend the University was nearly crashed because the Regional Minister, DCE and MP failed him. Now there is hope after I got him the admission forms. At short Notice to friends, we gathered and presented our first intervention with basic survival needs. Chai my friends are awesome. I got for them a dining plastic table as well and the 2 year was not left out, We got him his chair and table as well. In course of packing the items to his room is where I made new findings on his sleeping place that he shares with some siblings. The siblings are also totally visually impaired.
The room is ventilated by small holes in the mud house and Alfred told me that the early hours rains of this morning got him standing at one corner because the rain was dropping into some parts of the room. Looking around the room I immediately got worried over access to reptiles. Alfred confirmed that he has been very lucky a number of times when snakes found their way into his room. One time he was really lucky when his mother found a snake coiled on his pillow. Alfred says he believes God is watching over his family. My personal intervention is to see how I could build for him a safer single room roofed with corrugated roofing sheets that could be used to harvest safe drinking water for the entire family.
He has neither a bed nor a mattress. what I see is a mat laid on logs placed on stones. My heart Bleeds at this and it is my wish to get him a makeover with a bed, mattress and bed sheets. I am determined to get this done.
I need masons and friends that can come in with a variety of building materials. All I am looking at is a simple single room that will be a safer sleeping place. This is a necessity and not a luxury. Please let me know what role you can play in this as we save the lives of a family that has suffered for far too longphoto river trip 225 photo river trip 232 photo river trip 221 photo river trip 229 water 10 water 9 water 8 water 7 water 6 water 5 photo river trip 197 photo river trip 201

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