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kofi k amisgosten

Kofi Amigosten Amoah is the SDLG Most Reliable Person in Africa

Kofi Amigosten Amoah receives the certificate confirming him as the SDLG Most Reliable Person in Africa from SDLG Marketing Communications Manager for Sales Region EMEA (Europe-Middle East-Africa) Magnus Rieger.
Speaking of the award Kofi said:

Wow! This is such a special moment and I am determined to use this recognition as the springboard to even greater things for the people of Ghana.

Additional to his Most Reliable Person Award and in recognition of his ‘On the Road’ organisation, Kofi was presented with fully serviced motorcycle by Managing Director of the SMT Dealership in Ghana, Denis Pylyser. SMT is the sole distributor of SDLG Equipment in Ghana and provides full service and spares support to customers throughout the country.


A public vote has seen Kofi Amigosten Amoah from Accra, Ghana named as the SDLG Most Reliable Person in Africa.

The competition, which started with a public nomination phase on the construction equipment manufacturer’s Facebook page back in September last year, saw Kofi, along with Sara Sarina from Ethiopia, Brenda Shuma from Tanzania, Zimbabwe’s Maria Maliki and Dr. Raphael James from Nigeria all selected as finalists. When it came to the deciding public vote Kofi just edged what are some of Africa’s most inspiring and selfless individuals to claim victory in what was a globally supported competition.

Speaking before the votes were counted, Kofi said that winning would mean a great deal to him and give international recognition to the work he’s doing.

“The work that’s dearest to me is fronting social development here in Ghana and supporting children who face disability or suffer extreme poverty,” he said.

This SDLG Most Reliable Person in Africa competition has already given my work and that of my fellow finalists, hugely important exposure both here on the African continent and well beyond our shores.


To win would be absolutely terrific! It would send a very loud and clear signal that a major international company such as SDLG and countless individuals around the world believe in someone who wants to make changes. My motivation is simply to play my part in making a safer and better society. International recognition would certainly help us, as a society, to reach this goal.

Kofi runs the ‘On the Road’ charity in Ghana, a force for good that stems from his passion for his beloved motorcycle. “I enjoy being on the streets and on my motorcycle,” he says.

Seeing someone smile is all the motivation I require.

He can often be found loading his motorcycle with everything from food for the hungry to chalk for schools and then he rides all over Ghana helping those in need. While on these travels Kofi has seen for himself just how dangerous the roads can be. “I have witnessed many accidents and as a result I felt compelled to become a voice for road safety,” he says. He now often discusses this issue with the authorities and other road users. “It is all about educating people. I am a great believer that with knowledge we can make a difference; we can make our roads safer.”


With a background in social work, Kofi also uses his journeys to educate those he meets about social inclusion.

Disability, for example, carries a dreadful stigma here, whereby families may even neglect their own,

says Kofi.

I use my travels to educate people to support the handicapped. Their disability is not the result of witchcraft, and behind the disability there is a wonderful human being, a child of God just like us all.

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